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Reaction Wizard - Step 4 - Reaction Phase Setup

Step 4 assists the user in setting up the actual reaction run. Initial delays and reaction phases can be added or removed and the phases itself can be configured defining the number of measurements, instrument parameters and all other relevant settings.

Step 4 shows the following dialog:

Reaction Phase Settings

Initial Delay

Defines the initial delay before the first reaction phase is entered.

Reaction Phases

Reaction phases define the different sections of a reaction. Each phase may have a different duration with a different number of measurements and measurement parameters. A simple reaction may be monitored with just a single phase with constant measurements. More complex reactions on the other hand may require several different phases. A phase can simply be added by clicking on the Add Phase button, removing a selected phase is done by clicking the Delete Phase button. The following options are available for defining a reaction phase:

  • Endless:
    Activating this option makes the phase an infinite phase. Only the measurement interval must be defined additionally and the phase will run "infinitely" until the user aborts the reaction.

  • Comment:
    A comment describing the current period may be entered for each reaction phase.

  • Measurement Interval:
    Defines the time period between two measurements. Depending on the selected instrument and resolution, the interval parameter may not be freely editable. The sample measurement time rises with increasing resolution and therefore the measurement interval may possibly be to short to perform the next measurement on time. The software takes this into account and suggest the minimum measurement interval for the selected instrument parameters. Should for some reason the interval be temporarily too short between to measurements in a reaction run, the run will not be aborted. In a case like this the next measurement will simply be skipped and the reaction run continues as usual. This also ensures the completion of a reaction run even if there are temporary measurement problems.

  • Number of measurements:
    Defines the total number of measurements for this phase.

  • Instrument Parameters:
    Defines the number of scans and the instrument gain for the current phase.

The bottom pane of the wizard shows an overview of the complete reaction. The total reaction time and the total number of measurements for all phases are displayed. The starting time for each separate phase is shown in the phase header itself.


Just click the Next > button to proceed to the next step. Click the < Back button to revert to the last step.

Clicking the Cancel button will abort the wizard.