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System Requirements

To run the software properly on your machine, the following hardware and software requirements are recommended:

Hardware Requirements

The minimum hardware requirements are:


Pentium IV processor or better


3 GB or more (4 GB recommended), when using the Quantify/Reaction Module 4 GB are mandatory.

The amount of available RAM will affect the maximum possible sample count for the Reaction Module. Please review the section Running Reactions for details!

Available disk space:

2.5 GB or more

Graphics adapter:

Fully compliant OpenGL graphics adapter

Screen resolution:

1024x768 pixel or more

Software Requirements

The minimum software requirements are:

Operating System:

Windows 7 SP1 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

(32 & 64bit)

Other software:

.NET Framework 4.6


.NET runtime environment

The software is a .NET application and needs a special runtime environment to work properly. For this software version the .NET Framework 4.6 is required.
During installation of the software, the runtime environment will be automatically installed on your operating system. 


Installing on Notebooks

Notebooks are very often equipped with so called mobility graphics adapter. They sometimes share the base memory with the graphics adapter and they  very often have reduced functionality and performance, which might cause display problems in the 3D data view or the 3D top view of the application.

Please be sure to have the latest OpenGL video drivers installed on your system. You will find them on the homepage of your Notebook supplier in the internet.