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Working with tabs

Any analytical data, related information, data explorers and toolbox items are available on so called tabs, which have a lot of properties making arrangement of visible items very convenient to the user.

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Tab properties

Particular text, graphical information, data explorers or toolbox items are displayed in an area on the application workspace, being surrounded by a border. On one edge (mostly on top or bottom) next to the border, there is a flag with a meaningful description of the contents of the area. Mostly this is the name or subject of the object, information or tool-box item currently displayed in there.


In the figure above, two tabs are available. The active tab is highlighted, indicated by the dark-grey background and bold font style of the flag caption.

The highlighted tab contains the IR spectrum of 1-Methyl-2-Pyrrolidinone. The IR spectrum is shown within the tab area including spectral axes. The name of the spectrum is displayed as flag caption.

There is a second tab in the back, which holds another spectrum of N,N-Di-Ethyl-Acetamide.

The flags provide a quick overview of currently available information and let the user easily find and activate the topic of interest.