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Manual Product Activation

The activation process of your Product for a computer with NO internet connection consists of several simple steps.

Activation Prerequisites

In order to activate your Product the following information is required:

  • A valid serial number, which comes with the installation CD-ROM of your Product or if you purchased it online, please contact your vendor for a valid serial number.

  • Any computer with Internet access (not necessarily the computer on which the Product is installed)

  • An E-Mail account on the Computer with Internet access.

  • Alternatively a Telephone

Activation Steps

To activate your Product please execute the following steps:

  1. Start the Software. On Windows Vista / Windows 7 machines the software needs to be started with Administrator Privileges!
    The trial dialog is shown on startup automatically.

  2. Click the Register Button in the Trial Dialog


  1. Enter your serial number into the corresponding field:

  1. A Machine Key will be automatically generated and a section for entering an Unlock Code becomes visible:


  1. Press the Copy Into Button. The serial number and the machine key now have been copied into the clipboard.

  2. Open Notepad or any other text editor and paste this information into it. After that, save the file to a disk or any other portable medium of your choice.

  3. Now copy the file to a computer with internet access.

  4. Open the file with Notepad or any other Text Editor.

  5. Open the Internet Explorer and type the following URL into the Address bar (or just follow the link below):

  6. You will first have to enter your serial number again and you will then be taken to the registration form.


  7. A registration form is shown, which need to be filled with appropriate information. Please copy and paste the serial number and the Machine Key from the file into the registration form

  8. Then click the Register and Unlock Software Button.


  1. After successful registration, the Unlock Code is displayed below the Register and Unlock Software Button.

  2. Please copy and paste the Unlock Code into the file to have the information together with the Serial Number and the Machine Key and save it to disc again. 

My computer is not connected to the internet!

If no internet access is available either contact your software vendor or write an E-Mail to: Provide them with the file/information (Serial Number and Machine Key) generated in step 5. After that you will receive an Unlock Code as soon as possible via E-mail.


  1. Open the file including the Unlock Code on the Computer you have previously installed your Product.

  2. Now copy and paste the received Unlock Code into the corresponding field of the registration dialog.

  3. Click the Activate Button.

  4. Restart the Software to complete Registration and Activation.