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Calibration Results Overview

The final step of the calibration model wizard displays all calibrations results and detailed information about the calibration. Each calibration model shows a certain combination of result windows by default. These result windows are displayed as tabbed array which allows easy switching between results. Tabs can be added or removed and the user may add additional analysis options using the Configure button. Some of the result windows offer the option to change calibration parameters and recalculate the whole calibration by clicking the Recalculate button. This enables the user to fine tune the calibration. Details of the Calibration Result Display are described in the following section:

Default Univariate Results

Default MLR Results

Default PLS/PCR Results

Configuring the Calibration Results

The calibration result windows may be customized by clicking on the Plot Options button. This will show the configuration menu for the result window. The menu looks like this:

The configuration can be reset to restore the default values. Plot tabs can be closed or new plots with a multitude of options can be added. As an example the first submenu options are shown: