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What are objects?

All kinds of analytical data and related information as well as foreign application data in the software are organized in so called objects. E.g. a 2D spectrum is an object. This is an organizational instance to distinguish data from different origins. Objects possess a lot of properties shown in the properties tab. Properties cannot be modified by the user. Customizable properties are called labels. Available object labels are displayed in the labels tab. They can be customized by the user.

All these objects are organized in the software, e.g. in projects and folders in the project explorer. Objects of a library are available in the library explorer. In both cases, the organizational structure is visible as a tree view to the user.

Objects are also displayed in the 2D view, 3D view or molecule view of the software. Objects can be moved together with all related information to any new location within a suitable place in the software. This can be done simply by drag & drop operation. It is also possible to search spectra in a library by using drag & drop.