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What are object properties?

Objects possess a lot of properties describing the object. E.g. the file name or the data type of a spectrum is a property of a spectrum object. These properties are required in the software for two reasons. The application evaluates the properties of an object to determine which operations are allowed with this object. The user gets some additional background information from the properties of an object, e.g. the file location on his hard disc or the data type.

Properties cannot be changed by the user, because this would change the characteristics of an object. User defined object properties are called labels and they can be added and customized to your demands.

Properties are organized in categories (e.g. "General", "x-Axis") and are shown in the properties tab of the application.

Properties can be added to the printout of an object either by activating the print properties flag in the print layout or by inserting the corresponding placeholders into a print text field. Activating the print properties flag will print all available object properties, whereas adding a placeholder will only print the referenced property.

Please refer to the sections "General Object Properties" and "Print Layout Placeholders" in the chapter "Printing" for further details about the available printing options.