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HSB color model

The HSB color model uses a color representation by three parameters: Hue, saturation and brightness.  The model is also known as HSV color model. The HSB color space is shown in the following figure as color wheel.

Hue (H)

The hue refers to the gradation of color within the visible spectrum of light. It refer to a particular color within this spectrum, as defined by its dominant wavelength. A color is defined by the central tendency of the light wave's wavelength.

The hue is the color type (such as red, blue, or yellow) shown on the outer color wheel. It ranges from 0-360 (but normalized to 0-100% in some applications).

Saturation (S)

The saturation is the purity or intensity of a color.

The saturation is sometimes called the "vibrancy" of the color and is shown in vertical direction of the center triangle of the color wheel. It ranges from 0-100%.

Brightness (B or V)

Brightness or value of a color is an attribute of visual perception in which a light source appears to emit a given amount of light. Brightness is also known as luminance in another context.

It ranges from 0-100%.


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