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3D Waterfall View

The Waterfall View is a special version of the 3D Data View. All options and commands for the general 3D Data View also apply here. To facilitate the overview of a measurement, the Waterfall View displays the data as combination of lines which show the contour of the 3D data object. The waterfall view can be switched between lines in x-axis or y-axis direction. The corresponding 3D-View menu command is shown below:

Can I save my preferred 3D data view options?

The software will automatically save the last used 3D data view options. Therefore the next 3D object will be opened with the last used display options. This way the data will always be opened in your favorite 3D display mode.


3D data view functions

Additional 3D data view functions will be controlled from the 3D View menu.

3D waterfall view examples

The following pictures show an example 3D data object displayed as x-axis and y-axis waterfall view: