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Highlight all assigned Functional Groups

The command "Highlight all assigned Functional Groups" provides a quick way of visualizing all vibrations in the current spectrum that are already assigned to functional groups in the interpretation result. This enables the user to quickly reveal all assigned and yet unassigned vibrations for further optimization or additional manual interpretation.

The selection of this command toggles highlighting on or off. All identified functional groups are colored blue as shown in the following figure:

The transparency level of blue colored vibrations indicate, which bands belong to the current selected functional group. Vibrations of the current selected functional group are marked dark blue. Others are light blue. On selection of a different functional group, colors of the current selected group return to original coloring and others keep their blue shape.

Enabling and Disabling Highlighting all identified Functional Groups

To enable or disable highlighting all identified functional groups the following options are available:

Why is the command disabled?

This command is only available, if a valid spectrum interpretation result or spectrum versus molecule validation result is active!

The function is toggled on subsequent use.

Menu Command

  1. In the IR/RAMAN Interpretation menu, select Highlight all assigned Functional Groups.

Context Menu Command

  1. In the spectrum view of the IR spectrum interpretation result, click the Right mouse button.

  2. A context menu is shown. From the context menu, select Highlight all assigned Functional Groups.