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Convert Y-axis unit

The command convert Y-axis unit changes the unit of the intensity axis of IR, NIR, RAMAN or UV/VIS spectra or even corresponding 3D data objects. Conversion to Absorbance, Transmittance, %Transmittance, Kubelka Munk and Reflectance is possible. This operation is limited to those spectrum types.

The following picture shows the mathematics tab with selected convert Y-axis unit function:

Converting Energy Spectra using a Reference spectrum.

Sometimes spectra are kept in the raw intensity unit provided by the spectrometer. Typically this is Energy units or Counts. Such spectra are useful in order to save the raw spectrometer output and being independent of the spectrometer response characteristics. They can be converted to transmittance or absorbance spectra with an actual reference spectrum of the current spectrometer in use at any later time when required. This way spectra become comparable throughout multiple spectrometers.

All you need is the raw spectrum you like to convert and the reference spectrum of the spectrometer.

NOTE: Both spectra need to have the same unit on the x-axis and Energy units or Counts on the y-axis! In case you have Arbitrary units on the y-axis, please perform a preliminary conversion to Energy units as described above. This will simply rename the y-axis unit but does not change data.

Converting the Y-axis unit is performed as follows:

Convert Y-axis unit menu command

To convert the intensity axis unit to a different unit using the menu command, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Activate the 2D View or 3D View area.

  2. From the Mathematics menu, select the Convert Y-axis unit command.

  3. In the Mathematics Tab, select the preferred destination unit via the Unit To value.

  4. If applicable select a suitable reference spectrum.

  5. Press the Calculate button.

Convert Y-axis unit keyboard shortcut