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Create 3D Data

This function combines multiple 2D data objects into a three-dimensional data object. Please refer to the Create 3D data dialog for a detailed description of the create 3D data function. To create 3D data from 2D data objects, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open all 2D data objects that you want to combine.

  2. Merge all 2D data objects into a single data view by using the Merge Views command from the 2D View menu. Alternately all required 2D data files can be organized in a project and opened by using the project explorer context menu command Show contents.

  3. Execute the Create 3D data command:

Create 3D data menu command

To create a new 3D data object, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Activate the data view with merged 2D data objects.

  2. From the 2D View menu select the Create 3D Data command.

  3. The Create 3D data dialog will be opened. Choose the appropriate method and select the corresponding unit.

  4. Press the Ok button.

  5. The created 3D data object will be opened in a new data view .

Create 3D data keyboard shortcut