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Discrete Data

For many reasons, either because of the measurement methods or data recording techniques, data might be only available as discrete data point objects.

For example in MS spectra, data points are only available for detected masses. Data points in such MS spectra are not equidistant at all and it would not make sense to have them in an equidistant data object. Some of the modern recording techniques, like diode array detectors, provide data in a nearly equidistant data sets, but there are very small deviations in the data point distance because of the detector precision, which lets such data occur as discrete data objects as well.

In detail this means, there is no continuous spectrum with regular data point intervals at least on one axis, but only a list of data points with random distance belonging together.

Discrete 2D Data Example

The following example shows the MS spectrum of 2-Chloro-phenole with discrete data points on those positions, where masses have been detected:


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