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Evaluate with...

After creating calibration models for a particular qualitative or quantitative data analysis derived calibration models need to be applied to samples in routine analysis. Furthermore, calibration methods combining several calibration models can be used for routine analysis as well.

Evaluation of the current active spectrum/spectra is performed using a command from the Evaluate with... sub-menu. The Evaluate with... sub-menu holds all available calibration models. Selecting one of the sub-menu entries will evaluate the current spectrum with the calibration. A report will be shown holding prediction results on the current samples. Please refer to the chapter "Prediction of unknown Samples" for details.

In contrast to the Evaluate command, this command only considers a single calibration for producing a prediction result.

Evaluate with... menu command

To evaluate a spectrum/spectra with an existing qualitative or quantitative calibration using a menu command, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open one or more spectra you like to evaluate from a file or project.

  2. Merge them into one data view (optional).

  3. From the Quantify menu, select the Evaluate with... sub-menu.

  4. Choose the desired calibration from the list.

  5. An evaluation report is displayed in a separate window.

Sharing the report...

It is possible to copy the report or a particular part of the report into the clipboard by pressing CTRL-C keys.

Evaluate with... keyboard shortcut


Evaluate with... Command Line Control

The application can be controlled from the command line. Please refer to the section "Command Line Control" for details.