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Security Preferences

The security preferences offer additional settings concerning the security setup of the application. Data Access, Data History and Activity Logging can be activated/deactivated and configured in this dialog. The security preferences dialog looks like this:

Security Preferences Contents

The following options are available:

Data Access Policy

Controls data access settings. The data access control may be activated/deactivated here.

  • Enable Data Access Policy:
    Global control for the data access control. Data access control can be activated/deactivated with this checkbox.

  • Enable Password Authentication for Data Approval:
    Enables additional password authentication for signing objects. If this is enabled, the user needs to enter his password when signing objects.

Data History/Object Versioning

Controls the data versioning system. The data versioning may be activated/deactivated here.

  • Enable Data Versioning:
    Data Versioning may be activated/deactivated using this checkbox. If this is enabled, an unmodified copy of the object will always be made before applying changes. This way the "history" of the object is always available and any changes maybe be undone later on. Data versioning only works with files that are part of a Project!

Activity Log Policy

Controls detailed settings for activity logging. Activity logging with logging to log files and/or the windows event log may be activated here. All activities in the software will be logged to a log file / the event log. The log files may be viewed/exported/printed by using the command "Show current activity log" in the Security menu.

  • Log User Actions to File:
    Activates the activity logging to a log file. Log file location and maximum log file size may be specified.

  • Log User Actions to Windows Event Log:
    Logging to the Windows event log may be activated here. This can be used in addition to a log file or as a separate logging features. The destination computer and the name of the log have to specified.