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What is a project?

A project is a collection of files, e.g. of an analytical experiment, that belong together. Related files like spectra, molecules, documents, pictures, etc. can be added to a project by the user. They can be organized in a hierarchical structure (tree) within folders similar to the file system on your hard disc.

Project file

A project is a single file on your hard disc, where all related documents and files are included. By default the file extension *.project is used for such project files.

Benefits of projects

In most cases analytical data, related information and evaluation results of an experiment or investigation are spread over numerous files located somewhere on your local hard disc. Every time the user wants to access a part of the information, he or she starts a time consuming exploration of the hard disc to find related data.

Projects provide an optimal place to keep such data of various origins together in one file. Related data and information can be easily accessed and you can take the whole package with you in just one file like in a briefcase.