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Quantify list

Analytical data is analyzed in the software following chemometric approaches using univariate or multivariate methods. Such data will be collected in so called calibrations. In order to keep related data together, calibrations can be stored together with spectra in a project. The Quantify Explorer provides a filtered overview of the actual calibrations of open projects in the project explorer and all loaded calibrations.

The Quantify Explorer/List merely shows a list of all calibrations. Contents of a calibration are shown in the Project Explorer list as expandable items. Please review the section Project Tree in the chapter Data Explorers/Project Explorer for further details. The user may select a calibration in the list for further operations with Quantify Toolbar commands. The auto-prediction feature for spectra is activated by selecting the checkboxes of the calibrations in the list:

Please refer to the section Auto predict data using a calibration in the chapter commands for further information.

Quantify list operations

All operations in the list are performed by using the Quantify Toolbar. Please review the section Quantify Toolbar for further information.