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Reaction Monitoring menu

This menu contains all commands for setting up and running the reaction monitoring module. New reaction can be created, already configured reactions can be started and existing data can be loaded for offline processing. The menu also contains the commands for configuring and running the Routine Mode.

Reaction monitoring menu commands

All available Reaction Monitoring menu commands are listed below:

  • New Reaction:
    Starts the Reaction Wizard to configure a new reaction.

  • Run Reaction:
    Opens a submenu which shows all configured reactions. The selected reaction will be opened in the reaction window.

  • Process Reaction with active Spectra:
    Only available if spectral data is loaded in the main application. Opens a submenu which shows all configured reactions. Runs the selected reaction with the active spectral data from the main application.

  • Set Directory for Reaction Runs:
    Opens a folder selection dialog to choose the main folder for all reaction runs. All reactions will be saved to substructures in this main folder. The default reaction run folder is \userdata_folder\Panorama Data\Reaction Runs\.

  • Configure Reactions:
    Opens a dialog to choose the reactions that will be available for selection in the Routine Mode start screen and the Run Reaction/Process Reaction submenus.

  • Enable Routine Mode:
    Switches the software to routine mode. The main application will be hidden and a simple dialog for selecting reaction templates will be shown. Please review the chapter Routine Mode for a detailed description.

  • Load Data for Offline Reprocessing:
    Loads data via a time table file. This allows to process data that has no direct time information. Please review the chapter Offline Processing / Reprocessing for a detailed description.