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Reaction Wizard

The reaction wizard is used for setting up a new reaction. The wizard guides the user in adjusting all the necessary reaction parameters in an easy step by step procedure. All parameters entered with the wizard can still be edited later on in the reaction window. The wizard is started by selecting the command New Reaction in the Reaction Monitoring menu.

Prerequisites to a Reaction

Setting up a new reaction does not require special prerequisites. The reaction wizard may be started with or without a loaded spectrum. Starting the wizard with a loaded sample spectrum might simplify the trend setup in step 2 of the wizard, since the spectrum can be used to visually select the data extraction points for the reaction.
Long reaction runs with a large number of measured samples and reaction runs with high resolution spectra are limited by the amount of available system memory. Please review the current system requirements in the chapter Running Reactions.

Reaction Wizard Steps

  1. General information on the reaction.

  2. Trend configuration.

  3. Measurement parameter setup.

  4. Reaction phase setup

  5. Reaction view configuration.