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Split views

Previously merged data objects might need to be displayed in separate data views again. In this case, the split views function removes all 2D data objects from the current active 2D data view and re-opens them in single tabs on the workspace each.

Removing single data objects is very easy!

If you just like to close a single data object located in the current active data view, activate it and press the DEL-key to close it.

If you just like to see a single object in a separate window again, drag it out of the current data view and drop it on the tab flag area on top of the data views. It will be opened in a separate tab.


Splitting views is performed as follows:

Split views menu command

To split views using the menu command, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Activate the 2D data view with multiple data objects inside.

  2. From the 2D View menu, select the Split View command.

Split views keyboard shortcut