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Routine Mode

The routine mode is a special application mode for the everyday use of the application in the reaction monitoring mode. The main application interface will not be available and the user will be prompted with a simple dialog to select a preconfigured reaction. The routine mode is enabled by using the command Enable Routine Mode from the Reaction Monitoring menu. The selection dialog looks like this:

Run Reaction

To run a preconfigured reaction, the user simply needs to select a reaction template and click on the Run button. The corresponding reaction window will be opened. The reaction templates available in the selection dialog of the routine mode need to be selected by using the Configure Reactions command from the Reaction Monitoring menu.

Switch to the main application

To exit the routine mode and return to the main application simply click on the Go to panorama button. The selection dialog will be closed and the main application will be shown. This will also switch off the routine mode. On the next start the main application will started automatically. To return to the routine mode use the command Enable Routine Mode from the Reaction Monitoring menu.

Exit dialog

To exit the selection dialog simply click on the Exit button. The application will terminate and will directly return to the selection dialog on the next start.