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File Menu

The file menu in the rule designer provides basic commands to maintain several rule databases.

Changing the active rule data base might change analysis results!

Be careful when changing the active rule database! The current rule data base is always applied in actual analysis. Thus changing the active rule database might have consequences for your future analysis results.

File Menu Contents

The File menu provides the following commands:

  • New...

  • Open...

  • Save
    Saves current changes in the rule database.

Changes can be undone if the Undo tracking function is enabled!

It is possible to log all changes in the rule database and undo them later on. This will be a good option to test some improvements and undo them, if the results are not satisfactory.

Please refer to the chapter "Track Rule Changes" for details.

  • Exit
    Closes the rule designer window and returns to the main software. You will be prompted to save or discard any changes automatically.