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Welcome to the panorama product family

Top quality analytical data management and evaluation


Welcome to LabCognition's panorama product family, one of the most comprehensive and sophisticated analytical software packages available on the market.

Off-the-shelf Software

  • panorama products connect to your analytical instruments to open new processing pathways for your experimental data.

  • panorama products present analytical data of various origins and evaluation results at a glance in a typical manner for the analyst.

  • panorama products provide a vast number of modules to complete and simplify your tasks in analytical data evaluation.

  • panorama products are embedded into your working environment to assist you in returning to the substantial parts of your work in order to prevent fighting with all day trivia.

Individual Module Development

Feel free to enhance the off-the-shelf functionality of panorama with modules exclusively designed for your personal requirements to increase efficiency of your own business.

Together we will set up an individual project, where your analysts talk to our experienced personnel on an expert level. We will determine, plan and implement the required functionality of additional modules on your demand with a high degree of transparency and cooperation. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Now check out the variety of opportunities being opened to organize and administer your analytical and related data with just one software package.

Enjoy the simple but functional and intuitive user interface of the software. Some of the most important functions and principles are explained in the following sections.

Have a look on our latest new features.

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